Hops are where the heart is

There are two hop harvests each year; one on the Northern Hemisphere and one on the Southern Hemisphere. This season's harvest for our In Season IPA Batch No.5 came from the Southern Hemisphere hop harvest. Or even more specifically; all from Australia.

All of the hops came from our friends at HPA Australia. They have two farms in Australia and here's where each variety from the brew grew:

Helga - HPA Tasmania
Enigma - HPA Tasmania
Willamette - HPA Tasmania
Galaxy - HPA Victoria
Vic Secret - HPA Victoria

A lot of exciting things happened here in 2017. One of the coolest things by far however was that some of the crew got to visit HPA's farm in Bushy Park Estate in Tasmania. Why is this relevant? Well they got the chance to visit the very hops which were harvested for our latest In Season IPA Batch No.5!

Let's just say our commitment to fresh reached new highs on our way home as we passed through customs. Airport officials were convinced our crew were smuggling fresh hops in our carry on. But this was quickly dismissed after we assured them it was all just a hop-tical illusion.

What's more is that it was the last year that Helga and Australian Willamette are being produced in Australia, so this is our send off for a great hop!

Why'd we choose HPA as a supplier? Because they're awesome and they care about the world. For example, they're doing things like deploying bugs that kill other bugs in lieu of spray and have some really fancy watering systems. Read more about HPA here.

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Next season? USA!