Manly-born 4 Pines and the world’s leading brewer, AB InBev, are joining forces, with AB InBev purchasing 4 Pines.


4 Pines co-founder Jaron Mitchell says, “The reality is, we did a whip around one Friday night during after work drinks at the Truck Bar to see if we were in a position to buy AB InBev. We proposed three goats, a toasted sandwich maker and $315 in five cent coins but it just wasn’t enough to get them excited. What we did find out was that they were pretty keen to buy us.”


The deal will enable 4 Pines to expand its operations and retain and grow their people, culture and identity. 4 Pines will continue to create its iconic beer experiences from its Brookvale and Manly breweries.


The brewers’ joint aspiration is to see the unique 4 Pines identity and operations amplified to become locally famous in Australia and globally celebrated. The access 4 Pines will receive to AB InBev’s global resources will provide a platform to expedite the achievement of 4 Pines’ long term goals of customer & employee experience, environmental & social responsibility and innovation.


When AB InBev first approached I was sceptical and didn’t think much more of it than an opportunity to nab some grand final tickets. We’ve spent the last 10 years building a business with ideals that have worked for us so far and we weren’t willing to compromise on anything. And we haven’t,” Jaron said.


“Our purpose has always been to restore the fun in people’s lives and forever challenge what the world imagines business should be. So we will keep doing what we’ve always done, except now we are able to realise our long-term goals even sooner and immediately roll out some plans that are seriously epic.”


Jan Craps, President of AB InBev’s Asia Pacific South Zone, said he was incredibly excited to be partnering with 4 Pines.


“Anyone who knows Jaron and the 4 Pines team know they do things differently, which is why we were so interested in teaming up with them.”


4 Pines is a truly innovative business with a great range of beers, talented people and a genuine, values-driven culture which is incredibly important to us.”


We will support their ambitious plans for the future, using our expertise and capability to help them get their exceptional beer to more people in Australia and globally.


“4 Pines brewers will continue to make beer from their breweries on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and continue doing what they do best – having fun making some of the world’s best and most outstanding beers,” Jan Craps said.


The 4 Pines team will be unchanged and management will remain in place to help grow the business.





Yes. 4 Pines will continue to operate all existing venues.
Yes. Everyone keeps their job.
Yes. 4 Pines is now 100% owned by ABI.
Yes. The Brookvale brewery will be expanding its capacity in the very near future.
Yes. Some people will think our beer tastes different.
No. It doesn’t.
Yes. We will have access to even more ingredients and better brewing toys.
Yes. 4 Pines has already started developing plans for national and global expansion.
Yes. ABI and 4 Pines fat cats have a squash game and a hot sauna locked in to celebrate.
No. Costs won’t be cut; in fact, we’re looking to invest.
Yes. Our commitment and investment to sustainability will grow.
Yes. We will join ABI’s global plan to be a 100% Renewable Energy Brewery.
Yes. As part of ZX Ventures, we will be part of the global forefront of beer innovation.
Yes. Our current beers will remain.
Yes. We’re looking to grow Keller Door and Keller Door Barrelled even more.
Yes. The founders and all the key people are hanging around.
Yes. 4 Pines did treat themselves to a case of Crownies to celebrate.